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Sample Contract-Show Prospect

This sales agreement refers to a (fe)male Welsh Springer Spaniel dog whelped (Date of Birth), sired by (Registered Name of Sire), (AKC Number), out of (Registered Name of Dam), (AKC Number). This is a show prospect puppy who will be registered with an AKC Full Registration, making it eligible for breeding. This puppy is being sold for the amount of (Purchase Price), and the breeders will maintain co-ownership of the dog for a period of time, as described below.

Every effort has been made to breed a healthy dog from sound and healthy stock. Development of hip dysplasia, epilepsy, eye problems or other health problems cannot be predicted by the breeders at the time of sale. The breeders make no guarantees regarding any hereditary or congenital defects of the puppy not noted on the health certificate. Should the dog develop epilepsy or hip dysplasia before (5 years from Birth Date), a full refund of the purchase price or replacement of the dog with one of similar quality shall be made after receipt of veterinary proof of diagnosis. The decision regarding refund or replacement rests with the buyer(s), but is dependent upon breeding plans of the breeders.

The buyer(s) agree to have this dog examined by a licensed veterinarian within 7 days of arrival, and if any unsoundness is noted at that time the buyer(s) should immediately contact the breeders. The breeders agree to refund the full purchase price of the dog if the buyer(s) return the dog within 7 days of sale, provided it is returned in the same condition as it was on the date of sale. Should the condition of the dog upon return warrant veterinary care, the cost of such care will be deducted from the amount to be refunded. Any cost to return the dog to the breeders will be borne by the buyer(s).

This animal is free of all disqualifying faults for its breed at the time of sale. However, the environment the puppy is raised in will affect its show career, and the dog is not guaranteed to win in the show ring. If, in the opinion of the breeders, any incident or non-health condition diminishes the ability of the dog to be shown successfully in conformation, this show contract will be converted to a pet contract and the co-ownership agreement will be dissolved, pending receipt of veterinarian proof of neutering. No refund will be provided to the buyer(s) under these circumstances. The dog is to remain in the buyer(s) home as a family companion (pet) for the rest of its natural life, regardless of the outcome of the puppy's show career.

The buyer(s) agree to have this dog receive all normal vaccines and veterinary medical care, including heartworm and parvovirus preventatives, and Lyme’s disease vaccine in endemic areas. The buyer(s) agree(s) not to use the animal for breeding purposes unless the following conditions are met:

The buyer(s) agree(s) to bear the cost of radiographic examination of the dog's hips after the age of 2 years by a qualified veterinarian familiar with OFA radiography techniques. This is to occur within 6 months of the date (Date of Birth). The x-ray is to be submitted to the OFA for evaluation. When the breeders receive the OFA report and the AKC Championship of Record certificate, ownership of the dog will be transferred to the buyer(s). The buyer(s) agree(s) to promptly notify the breeder(s) of any health problems this dog may develop or produce in a breeding program, so that proper breeding records are maintained. Any expenses associated with neutering the dog or providing ongoing medical care are to be borne by the buyer(s).

This dog is being sold with the intention of providing companionship to the buyer(s) for the rest of the dog’s natural life. If for any reason the buyer(s) cannot keep the dog, the buyer(s) agree(s) to return the dog to the breeders without delay. The dog is not to be placed with a third party or animal shelter under any circumstances. No refund of the purchase price will be provided upon the return of the dog to the breeder outside the conditions set forth in this contract.

Should the buyer(s) fail to abide by any requirements of this contract, including but not limited to failure to obtain breeding clearances, (hip and eye checks, AKC Championship, breeders' approval), failure to properly care for the dog, or failure to contact the breeders for rehousing, then all terms of this contract regarding transfer of ownership, replacement, or refund are to be considered void. The breeders will not refund the purchase price nor replace the dog in the event of hip dysplasia or epilepsy, and the breeders will not relinquish co-ownership of the dog.

The breeders offer a $25.00 rebate for each non-conformation title the dog may earn under American Kennel Club or WSSCA auspices. This includes the following:

Obedience Title Tracking Title Canine Citizenship Award
Agility Dog Title Hunting Dog Title Working Dog Title

This dog is to be registered with the AKC using the "RYSAN" prefix and the registered name is to begin with the word "XXXXX"

PURCHASE PRICE ($XXX) Received this (Date of Sale)

Sign both copies of this contract and retain one copy for your records. Payment is due the day the dog is taken home. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer and must be paid in advance.

I hereby understand and agree to all the terms and conditions set forth in this contract. I understand this contract is enforceable under current American Kennel Club rules regarding Contracts and Registration Matters. I understand that failure to comply with this contract as written will result in permanent loss of the right to have the dog registered in my/our name(s).





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